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I am a certified detailer based in York, PA.  I offer a professional range of detailing from just a basic wash, to a full reconditioning of the paint. There are many options for whatever your vehicle needs. I specialize in paint correction, protectants, paint recondition, and Ceramic Coatings. I do have a full time job on top of doing this detailing. So for now I do appointment only.


About me

My name is Alex Wagaman, I've been detailing since I was 18. I am a certified detailer, always learning, and working to get certified in more areas. I've always wanted my cars to be clean, so I kept learning about detailing, and it became a passion. Now I try to make everyone's car look great!


Wash, Wax, Polish, Paint Correction, Sealant, Ceramic Coatings, Shampooing, Metal Polishing, Headlight Restoration, Interior Cleaning, and more!

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